Protesting Farmers Treated With Tear Gas & Water Gun

Hundreds and Thousands of Protesting Farmers either walked or travelled by buses or tractors and also trucks last Tuesday October 2nd gathered in the streets of our national capital (Delhi). These protesting Farmers mostly came with a few demands and also talked about false assurances made by the government from differ parts of Punjab , Hariyana, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh i.e mostly all major northwestern states of India. They were welcomed with barricades followed by water cannons and also tear gas fired by our own Delhi Police.

This Kisan Kranti Yatra of  protesting farmers was led by the Bharatiya Kisan Union was undertaken to discuss and also share knowledge about the raising rural distress along with all those unkept promises made by the government of India. 


The Bharatiya Kisan Union

They came here with three simple demands they are as follows:

  • Implementation of the Swaminathan Commision Report;

  • Free Electricity for Farmers;

  • Waiver On Farm Loans;

Naresh Tikait

Assurances given by the centre:

The government of India will challenge the National Green Tribunal’s order on diesel vehicles in Supreme Court due to increase in emission of pollutants as of its age . The Tribunal in August had Ordered a ban on all private as well as on commercial diesel vehicles older than ten years a move which affected many farmers along with many more in the near future.


At last the meeting between the protesting farmers and the government remained inconclusive With Bharatiya Kisan Union president Naresh Tikait saying “Farmers will not accept government assurances and will go ahead with the protest”.  



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