Patanjali Launching There Own Line of Dairy Products

Now get milk @ 2₹ lesser than market price!!!

Patanjali Dairy Products

September the 13th patanjali launched there very own line of dairy products.
 Finally they 
announced their entry into the dairy segment by launching milk and milk-based products, including curd and cheese.

Soon after frozen vegetables segment, Patanjali targets dairy segment:

While Patanjali was already thriving with products such as sweet corn, peas, and potato fingers for the latter, the company will soon launch a wide range of milk-based products in tetra packs, apart from regular milk, said Baba Ramdev earlier this month.

Baba Ramdev on Patanjali milk will be cheaper than other brands :

Baba Ramdev the spokesperson for patanjali added that the Haridwar-based firm would procure milk directly from farmers via its network, and would promote milk products from India-based breeds of cows.

Further, Baba Ramdev claimed that Patanjali milk would be cheaper than those of the established brands by Rs. 2 and with this strategy Baba Ramded added “We are aiming to have a business of Rs. 1,000 crore next fiscal. This fiscal, we would have a business of Rs. 500 crore,”

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