Indigenous Cross Breed Cattles

Cattle or cows are crossed to increase the milk production rate and also it provides greater immunity power and resistance against various diseases and also harsh subcontinental dry climate.

Holstein Friesian cross

Holstein Friesian cross

These Holstein Friesian crosses are more suitable for low temperature regions like hilly areas  since they are  less tolerance towards heat.
Holstein Friesian are Less resistance to tropical diseases as compared to Jersey crosses.
Although their milk yield is higher than jersey cross but  the fat contain percentage is very low.

Jersey cross

Jersey crosses are made by local breed cows and Jersey species.
Generally, the male are Jersey bull and the female are indigenous cows.
They are raised primarily for Milk and Dairy products in the tropical plains of India.
Jersey crosses are medium in size, more resistant to heat than other exotic breeds, and are highly adapted to the sub-continental climate .
Depending on the capacity of your original Indigenous cows, milk production increases drastically of Jersey crosses by two to three factors from the first generation only.

Jersey cross

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