How to increase Milk Production rate ?

There are two main factors in increasing the quantity of milk secretion to gain optimum quantity and quality for a particular breed.
They are as follows :

  • Good quality feed in adequate amount .

  • Monitoring health of cattle along with maintaining a hygienic or aseptic condition from start to finish i.e when the calves are born till the milk goes out from the barn .

Milk secreted from an uninfected cow's udder is always sterile. Invariably it becomes contaminated during milking, cooling or storage, since milk is an excellent medium for bacteria, yeasts and moulds that are other common contaminants to colonise and grow rapidly. Their rapid growth is triggered particularly by high temperatures can cause marked deterioration or even spoiling to the milk for consumption and also further manufacture into dairy products.
This can be simply avoided by adopting a few simple practices for milk production.

Hand Milking
  • The animal should be washed before they are milked as washing cows is the best practice in minimizing  bacterial entry to milk.

  • If calves are allowed to suck of their mother, udder may be moist, cleaned with weak disinfectant solution and also with fresh and clean water and later should be wiped dry with a smooth and clean cloth.

  • Feed which are dust in nature like Rice polish should not be fed to the animal during or before the time of milking.

  • Milker’s hand should be sanitized and dry since wet hand milking may result in high bacterial growth  in the milk.

  • Milker should be free from any diseases and also their nails should be well trimmed.

  • If machines are used for milking then the sucking cups must be sterilized along with the container were milk is to be collected.

  • Machines used for milking produces more milk than the hands of a worker.

  • Milking barns should be well ventilated free from flies or any kind of contaminents.

  • Utensils used for milking should be clean, sanitized,  smooth and also copper free.

  • Flavoured  feed  should always be avoided before milking  so that those flavours  doesnot appear in milk.

  • The hind legs of the animal must be tighted with the help of a milk man’s rope during the  time of milking.

  • Milk should always be kept in cool ,dry ,aseptic condition in order to maintain the flavour and keeping quality.

  • Milk should be covered with lids to avoid dust, dirt, sudden temperature change, day light or strong artificial light, all of which tend to decrease quality of the milk.

  • Raw milk with not exceeding 2,00,000 specific count in one ml of milk can be graded as very good raw milk

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