Effect of GST & Demonetisation

Possible Outcome For 2019 Elections

Due to GST and demonetisation , a few days ago reports from different surveys came , though they varied, when it comes to project the outcome or so called results of the 2019 election but a few broad direction remains coherent to one another.

 They are as follows :


  • First of all Bjp looses its former popularity as compared  to stats form two years ago , PM Modi significantly also lost his trust among people which has mostly converted into fear . People asking questions like why a tax payer has to suffer the same consequences as a non tax payer?

  • Since PM Modi the main talisman of Bjp loose 17% of his popularity, who are said to the core Modi fans or the Modi army of the Bjp’s vote bank.Congress gets a higher edge Bjp for this in the coming elections.

  • No party gets Singular Majority in the Next 2019 ELECTIONS. Due to huge problem faced by people because of GST and demonetisation.

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