Products which are derived from cow’s milk are considered as dairy products. Dairy products can also be produced from buffalo’s milk, sheep’s milk, goat’s milk, etc. They are considered as a great source of energy due to the presence of calcium, vitamins, fats and other valuable minerals.

Types of Milk

Skimmed Milk

Bottle of Skimmed Milk
 Milk from which the creams are removed is known as skimmed milk. It contains about 0.1% fat and are mostly available in red colored packs. Skimmed milk was previously used for fattening pigs, and was recommended as” not only the very best supplement for growing pigs, but is of almost equal value for fattening purpose ” as of it providing a complete protein and also making the food “more palatable”. 

Whole Milk

Milk which has its fat content intact is called whole milk . It has about 3.5 to 4% fat per litre of bottle which usually has a blue cap or marked with blue lebel . During and before 1980’s this was delivered by milkman as a primary dairy product in glass pint bottles with a silver foil lid on top.

Bottle of Whole Milk


Yogurt is produced by fermenting milk with bacteria. It is produced using culture of lactobacillum and streptococcus thermophilus bacteria. It also has in addition, other lactobacilli and bifidobacteria which are also sometimes added during or after culturing Yogurt. Yogurt’s unique tart flavor and texture comes because of the production of lactic acid , which further acts on milk protein as the lactose gets fermented. Yogurt is the most common byproduct of milk available worldwide and are mostly made of cow’s milk. they are also made from milk of other animals like  buffalo,goat,sheep,camels ,donkeys, yaks, mares etc. It also comes in different flavors like mango , chocolate, strawberry , pineapple etc which are added to it.

Flavored Yogurt



Cheese is mass produced throughout the World , nobody can actually pinpoint the exact place and time  of its origin since it predates recorded history. After pressing milk curd cheese is extracted and comes in different variety from unripened (fresh) and also ripened(aged) cheese.It contains a huge variety of nutrients like calcium, protein, zinc , phosphorus vitamin B12 and vitamin A. Calcium is one of those nutrient which is slowly getting diminished in our diet and study shows that nine out of ten women , and six out of ten men have calcium deficiency mostly throughout the World.

There are more than 300 varieties of cheese which include cheddar ,mozzarela , colby ,american etc. They comes in large a variety of textures and forms like chunks, shredded, sticks, grated, slices, crumbled ,etc.

Parmigiano Reggiano


When lactic acid producing bacteria are added to cream and then churned to make an emulsion butter is produced . It can be either salted or unsalted. Salt is added both for preservation and flavor but the later varies with the breed of cow.
Butter has around eighty percent fat. Cakes are usually made with butter to give it a rich buttery taste and also to make the batter soft and moist. It is used in Indian cooking as a oil supplement and also over rotis and parathas.

Milk powder​

Milk powder is made by evaporating milk till dry . Milk is powdered in order to preserve it by making it free from moisture and dramatically increase its self life . Powdered milk also is easy to handle and transport and since being  economic.