These contains recent posts about local and foreign dairie products ,daire cattles and also news and information on which dairy product or brands which suits your need along with how to increase milk production for dairy farmers and ways of efficient milking.

How to choose a good cow?

SELECTING DAIRY CATTLE Cattles should be choosed  based on climatic condition is still the best practice  for choosing and maintaining one’s cattles sustainability with time and environment. Cattles brought different agriculture-climatic condition  can cause problems in adjusting in several cases . So while purchasing make sure that the breed comes from nearly same environmental condition …

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Protesting Farmers Treated With Tear Gas & Water Gun

Hundreds and Thousands of Farmers either walked or travelled by buses or tractors and also trucks last Tuesday October 2nd gathered in the streets of our national capital (Delhi). They mostly came with a few demands and also talked about false assurances made by the government from differ parts of Punjab , Hariyana, Uttarakhand and …

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The act of removing milk from the mammary glands of cattle, water buffalo, goats, sheep and more rarely camels, horses and donkeys. Milking may be done by hand or by machine, and requires the animal to be currently or recently pregnant. The milker may refer either to the animal that produces the milk or the person who milks the animals depending on the process of milking either by …

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Patanjali Launching There Own Line of Dairy Products

Now get milk @ 2₹ lesser than market price!!! Patanjali Dairy Products September the 13th patanjali launched there very own line of dairy products. Finally they announced their entry into the dairy segment by launching milk and milk-based products, including curd and cheese. Soon after frozen vegetables segment, Patanjali targets dairy segment: While Patanjali was already thriving with …

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Indigenous Cross Breed Cattles

Cattle or cows are crossed to increase the milk production rate and also it provides greater immunity power and resistance against various diseases and also harsh subcontinental dry climate. Holstein Friesian cross Holstein Friesian cross These Holstein Friesian crosses are more suitable for low temperature regions like hilly areas  since they are  less tolerance towards …

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