Bullock Handling Methods

These bullocks must be able to graze freely. A sufficient amount or volume of material should be provided in an amount of about 1 to 2 kilograms of feed  during breaks from working hours.

Bullock Kankrej

  The bullocks must be housed in a shelter with enough space. 

It is also important to protect the bullock from very hot and very cold weather. You must provide the bullocks with free access to drinking water. 

You should regularly take care or groom your bullock.

Bullock Management

  • Bullocks are normally used for agricultural and or transport purpose. Some bullocks are ferocious in nature and must be controlled properly using nose rope or nose rings.

  • To protect against the fungus, bullocks should be fitted with metal shoes.

  • The working hours for bullocks are as follows:

  • General work – 6 hours of skiing or 4 hours of ploughing. Hard work – 8 hours of carting or 6 hours of farming.

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