Bull (Management & Care)

 Most  bulls are ferocious so in order to control them properly nose rings,ropes,etc are used . Feeding of males should be monitored regularly , receiving to much of feed and also underfeeding can cause serious health issues in bulls since they have to healthy enough to mate with two cows in a single day during mating seasons. Moderate amount of activity and running should be promoted to keep the breeding bull in active and non fatty conditions. Regular grooming and shaving are great practices to keep ones breeding bull in optimum condition.

 In order to maintain your bull in optimum condition for breeding, keeping your bull disease resistant and healthy for the whole breeding process is an essential requirement. As of an unhealthy bull is less likely to reproduce since a fat male has of chance of producing inferior quality semen and also there are chances that they entirely fail in service or are very slow. On the other hand receiving plenty of exercise should help in producing sperms of greater activity and quality and also amount of ejaculation increases. All  breading bulls should be kept in bull sheds with proper flooring and roof and with a sufficient area since it is a sound practice to provide optimum condition for weather tolerance and sufficient drinking water. Ration provided daily should  be balanced at all times with the presence of adequate amount of proteins, vitamins,minerals, etc,and of course green fodder must be provided during and after breeding .

Australian Bull

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