What We Have Here?

Centuries of selective breeding, accelerated in the later part by the use of modern breeding tools, has helped in evolving some of the most outstanding dairy breeds of cattle in western countries. These breeds maintain a standard quantity and quality in scenario such as milk production breeding,  etc………..

 Mainly three species of buffalo exist, they are water buffalo, cape buffalo and American buffalo but there are some serious arguments, over the fact that American  buffaloes can be considered and belived to be bisons . Bovidae is a huge family compromising  all types of buffaloes and various other creatures…..

Products which are derived from cow’s milk are considered as dairy products. Dairy products can also be produced from buffalo’s milk, sheep’s milk, goat’s milk, etc. They are considered as a great source of energy due to the presence of calcium, vitamins, fats and other valuable minerals……

Welcome to Kolkatadairies

kolkatadairies.com started as collaboration among a group ideas as of september  2018 to create an unique place were you can educate yourself about indigenous as well exotic ( Cattle and Buffaloes ) along with gain knowledge about most indigenous dairy products and  common (dairy products) available throughout the world . Farmers and Industrialists can learn about new and efficient ways of milking along with which type or breed of cattle or buffaloes to choose or buy depending on your need. You can also check and comment in the blogs section where we shower you with current information and news about dairy sector. This website is only for educational purpose only we don’t sell any product or offer any service